My List of the Best Online Tools To Build Your Business

I left 20+ years of corporate life to start a marketing and business consultancy and I have learned a lot along the way! I didn’t have a magical list of fabulous tools when I started, it was all trial and error. With each business startup (mine or my clients’) I have amassed a list of great “go-to” startup tools that simply make life easier so you can focus on the real business at hand… growing your business!

Unlike many other reviews you may read on other sites, I have actually used all of the tools in my reviews. This first hand knowledge means that my reviews are current, detailed and meaningful. Trust me, it’s a sea of options out there and you can easily spend days researching (and wasting) time trying to figure out what is best for your business.  Remember, picking the wrong tools can be pretty costly.

So, to my fellow startup-ers and small business owners, I’m giving you the speed pass that I wish I had when I began. My site has the list of tools that will get you to the front of the line faster so you can get your business really rolling. 

logo Design

Invest a little to get a company logo that you love lot. A memorable brand identity is one of the wisest investments you will make. Here’s how you can do it for less.

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website hosting

So many hosting plans, which one is right for you? What security features are must haves?  Which level plan do I really need? I’ll break it all down for you.

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web Page builder

Want to save money and build your site yourself? There are tools on the market that can help 1st timers save thousands. Find the right tool so you can get up and running.

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Choosing a domain for your company is a critical task. Yet so many domains are taken.  I found a really cool way to generate legitimate ideas for your new url. 

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Starting an Online business? you’re In the Right Place.

There are so many decisions that need to be made when you start a new business, I’m hoping this helps expedite the process so you can focus on the core business at hand. I have started several companies and are passing along what I have learned in the process. Sometimes the free versions work and other times it pays to get the upgraded tools. 

To get you started, I have reviewed the top web page builders, hosting companies, and more to provide you with the insights you need. I’ll be adding other tools as well, I have a long list of great ones coming soon. If there is a specific focus area you are wondering about, reach out on my contact us page and I’ll let you know my thoughts or even add it to the site.  

One note, this site is user supported which means that I may earn a small commission for those companies that I choose to recommend. Note, my recommendations are 100% genuine; the small commissions merely help me continue to purchase, test and research new products:)


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