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Once you decide on a unique name for your business and you have confirmed that you can secure a URL (website address) that matches the name, then it is time to design your logo and print those business cards. Don’t design the logo first. Finding a unique url is a challenge at times, be sure you have one that works before you invest in a logo. Not a creative guru? Now worries. You have options and they cost less than you will spend next time you fill up your car with gas!


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Logo Design Basics

Naming 101

Your first task is to name your company! Choose a name that is meaningful and simple enough for your target audience (hard to pronounce or odd names don’t fill customers with confidence!). If it is taking longer than you thought to come up with a name you love, but you have to get some of the administrative items sorted out (bank account, etc), then you can choose any legal business name and choose a customer facing DBA (doing business as) name later. 

Name vs URL

Once you have a name chosen for your company that is suitable for your target audience, the next step is to find a URL (website address) before you do anything else. With so many online businesses, you may find that the url that you want is taken. Fear not, there is always a way to find a url that is perfect for you!  Consider putting words like “get” or “go” in front of your url (e.g. as a solution.  Unless you are in the academic environment, choose a “.com” url vs .net, etc. 

Ask The Lawyers

When you start any business, you should consult with a lawyer and an accountant. We know that spending money is no fun, but this team will help you establish your company legally and help you decide if you should be an LLC or other business entity and they will help you understand how you will be taxed. Many lawyers have ‘startup” packages for this exact type of work. You don’t need to spend $400/hour! If you are in MI or GA, check out NextGC, they have a great startup package.

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