Business cards still matter, even in today’s digital age. When you network in person, you create your first brand experience. Handing over a flimsy, dull business card is a terrible way to start a business opportunity. Business card printing is a key part to that brand impression.

Vistaprint is our go-to for business card printing. They have this down to a science and for reasonable prices.

Do We Recommend Vistaprint? Yes.

There are several options when it comes to business card printing. We happen to really like Vistaprint. Here’s why… the pricing in this category is fairly similar from provider to provider. Sure, you might save a few dollars here or there, but none of it is a huge difference for a normal print run. Plus, Vistaprint simply has the business card printing process down to a science. Of course they also will print many more things beyond business cards, but let’s stick to the topic at hand. 

Getting a card design

Vistaprint gives you three ways to get a card design:

  • You can upload a design that you did or someone else did for you. For example, let’s say you used to get a business card design. You would simply take the electronic business card file you were provided by that designer and upload it to Vistaprint. If you really aren’t sure if you did it right, you can pay Vistaprint $5 (yes, $5) for the designer to make sure it all looks like the file you uploaded. For that price, they will make small tweaks to get it right.
  • If you don’t already have a business card designed, you can work with one of the Vistaprint designers. You simply let them know what kind of business it is, what colors you are thinking and any styles that you like. They will come back with some options for you. It costs $10 and you can choose to handle it all via email or have a 30 minute video chat with the designer. The only negative here is that you will get a few ideas, but not 20 different ideas. So, use this approach if you have a decent idea of what you are looking for. 
  • The other option is to browse through the business card designs on their site. You can upload your company name and contact details so that the samples you look at all have the correct information on them. It’s pretty swift way to see what styles you like or don’t like. It also helps you decide just how much information you want to jam on a card (less is more people).

Business Card Paper Stock

Once you have the design down for your card you’ll need to choose paper stock and any “finish” that you might like. This is where the decision process gets tricky. Matte? Smooth? Shiny? The world of paper stock has expanded! Remember this is your brand, so think about your company and what is represents when you choose these details. 

The paper stock should be premium or ultra thick paper. It’s totally up to individual style whether you go shiny or matte. I prefer matte as it looks more modern than a slick shiny card.  If you are a designer, then consider some of the styles that may match your brand. Whatever you do for a living, don’t try to save a buck on your business cards! 

The Bottom Line

Like we said.. business cards still matter (no need for matching stationary in 2020, although if you are a lawyer or other profession that frequently sends out printed letters, this may be more important to you). Vistaprint has other offerings as well, including logo design, but they charge $90 and you can have that done for much less on (plus get more designs to choose from). So stick with Vistaprintfor quick and easy business card printing, they do it right. Right now they have a FREESHIP coupon to save on shipping costs. Happy printing!


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