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HostGator was founded in 2002 and is a solid WordPress website host option. Like their competitors, they have 3 levels of shared hosting for you to choose from.  They offer dedicated hosting as well if you require your own server for speed, security or just prefer that approach.  For the purpose of this review, we will focus on shared hosting options as that is reasonable option for most small businesses. 

The free site migration, even at the lowest level, makes HostGator an attractive WordPress website host option. 


Like other website hosting HostGator plays the low entry price game. It seems to be the norm in the category. Expect to pay a lower monthly amount for a limtied period of time, so keep your eyes on the introductory price as well as the regular monthly amount.  HostGator shared WordPress website host options:

  • Hatchling Plan= In this plan, you get 1 website free SSL, free domain, 1 free WordPress site migration, unmetered bandwidth. All of that comes at a cost of $2.75 to start ($4.58 regularly).
  • Baby Plan = For $3.95/month ($6.58 regularly) you get unlimited websites, free SSL, free domain. Plus they will migrate 1 WordPress site for you for free. 
  • Business Plan = For $5.95/month ($9.92 regularly) you get unlimited sites, free SSL and domain. They will migrate 1 WordPress site for you as well. Plus they add in extra features like free SEO tools (claimed $50 value), and upgraded SSL that comes with a TrustLogo site seal for site credibility.

Choosing a Plan

Ultimately if you need just 1 website, the entry plan may be ok for you to get started and then upgrade plans as your business grows. Don’t be fooled by their package names, their lower level plan (even though it isn’t called “business”) is just fine for startups just getting rolling.  And, don’t be off put by their naming… it’s just a way to get people to upgrade to the business plan. For $3.95/month, we are fine being in the “baby” plan!

Site Migration

One of the nice added features with HostGator is free site migration even at the lowest level of hosting. One thing to keep in mind though.. site migration for HostGator (and most others as well) means a site migration of a WordPress site to their WordPress hosting plan. If you have a site that was not built in WordPress (e.g. Wix), then their seemingly fabulous feature may hold no value to you. We see this issue arise all of the time. People get started with a non-WordPress site as a startup and then their business grows and they need more functionality. In this case, they may have to rebuild the site, which is why we always recommend that people start in WordPress, even if they use a web page builder to make it plug & play. It just gives people much more flexibility than they will have otherwise.

Additional benefits and Features

HostGator gives every plan level some great security features, especially the highest level with the upgraded SSL and trust seal.  Trust seals add a certain level of credibility in the eyes of your future consumers, especially if they are providing their personal information anywhere on your site. HostGator customer support is strong with an abundance of videos that walk customers through common issues for self-help. They claim the value of the SEO tools that come with the highest level package is a $50 value. The true value ultimately depends on which SEO tools the user likes, but it is a good way to try a certain tool and learn from it. 

The Bottom Line

We like HostGator as a WordPress website host option. In the shared hosting space, the alternatives start to blend a bit and have few standout features.  HostGator’s free site migration at every level is a clear plus. So, if you have an existing WordPress site you need to move, HostGator, is one to consider for sure.

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Customer Support








Site Migration



  • Great self-help videos
  • Free website migration at every level
  • Unmetered bandwidth at every level
  • $100 Google Ads Credit (use quickly, it expires!)
  • $100 Bing Ad Credit


  • Increase after promo rate period
  • Limited features in lower plans
  • Extra fees for email
  • Extra fees for other add-ons

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