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Elementor web page builder is a responsive plugin that makes building WordPress websites a breeze; no code is needed AT ALL. It comes in free and Pro versions and millions of people use it across the world. We started out with the free version and loved it. We think it is the most robust free web page builder option on the market today. Elementor Pro takes it up a notch and makes it even easier to build your site with more than 50 additional magical widgets (we think they are magical anyway!), WooCommerce functionality and a broader selection of motion effects. 

Elementor is our favorite page builder. It is simple enough to get started and flexible enough to handle your business needs as they get more robust.

what about costs?

The Pro version cost $49/year for 1 site, $99/year for 3 sites and $199/year for 1,000 sites (ideal for agency teams). 

Easy to use, even for a tech friendly beginner

Ok let’s break it down. Elementor’s easy to use drag and drop WordPress site builder features make it our favorite. While all themes technically work with Elementor, you may find that a small number of themes may not work perfectly. However, that is true with every WordPress site builder on the market today.  There are tons of themes that have been tested with Elementor, so you should have no problem choosing one. We suggested you choose one of those themes. Simply Google “themes that work best with Elementor” and a list will appear. Years ago, a member of our team actually built their 1st site with it and had zero prior website experience. It is intuitive and makes quick work of site building. 

Widgets Are Amazing

The free version comes with 30 amazing widgets that let you drop them in place and immediately, Elementor works its magic to give you what you need.  For example, drop a “heading” in and it will pick up the colors and font you chose for the site. Want an image gallery? Choose that widget and simply choose your pictures. Plus, each widget can be customized in size and more.  The Pro version gives you over 80 widgets. You get all of this and don’t need to know code at all with either version. And yes, you can build each and every page of your site with this web page builder!  Take a look at some of the widgets:


Here is a snapshot of some of the most frequently used widgets in the free version. 


We Love Pre-designed Pages and Blocks

Like other web page builders, Elementor has pre-designed pages and blocks that you can use and “drop” into your site. It also gives you the option, for those needing a more custom solution to build everything on your own from scratch. Our favorite thing to do is to find an Elementor pre-designed block that is “close” to what we are looking for, drag it into our web page and then customize it for our needs from there. It’s a great way to get a custom site build up and running quickly.

Also, here are samples of some of the full pages (made up of multiple blocks) that you can simply drop into your site. Then you can customize as little or as much as you want (edit text, colors, image sizes, etc).  The top image shows samples pages from the Elementor free version and the bottom image shows some samples from the Elementor Pro version. There are many more to choose from, this is just a snapshot to give you an idea.

Customizing the page is easy. Once you figure out which arrow is for content/text, a section, or a row it is all easy to use. That frankly is the hardest part of Elementor, and well, it isn’t too hard! 

The Bottom Line

Net/net.. we LOVE Elementor the most out of all of the WordPress site builders, it just fits our needs the best. While I know it is tempting to just use the free version since it is feature rich, we suggest the Pro version as it will simply expedite your site build. Your website is likely the key to making money for your business, so invest a small amount in the Pro version to get it up and running faster. Plus, for those building shopping sites, you will need the Pro version. 

Down the road, when your business grows and you want to add advanced features, Elementor can handle it. It really does a nice job of giving you the tools whether you need a simple site build for today or a complex build for tomorrow. It gives you room for your business to grow online in functionality which is critical as you only want to run one web page builder on your site (to avoid breakage). Give Elementor a shot, we are sure glad we did!



Ease of Use


Customer Service




Feature Customization



  • Plug & Play
  • Large # of Widgets
  • Pre-built Pages and Blocks
  • Lots Of Customization
  • Free Version is Robust


  • Glitches with a Few Themes
  • Fewer Pre-Built Pages in Free Version
  • May Slow Site Load Time a Little

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